Hi, I'm Amie Velasquez.  This is my business, Little Red Wagon Tutoring.  I help kids reach their potential through personalized, high-quality tutoring.  Take a spin around my blog to see my thoughts about education, early childhood learning and development, and lots of pictures of little red wagons.  Thanks for stopping by!

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic with Amie Velasquez


There are many skills involved in reading and writing. Dull worksheets, expensive electronics, and trendy reading programs can needlessly complicate this important life skill, and cause literacy to literally become a maze.  We bring magic back to reading--inspiring your little learner to become enchanted by literacy!

Montessori Pedagogy

For over 100 years countless children from nations across the world have learned the Montessori way, based on the beliefs of Dr. Maria Montessori.  In recognizing the unique potential of every child, she set out to develop an education module that instructed them in the most nurturing, respectful, and beneficial methods possible.


Children are given the opportunity to develop mathematical awareness through hands-on activity, and direct exploration of mathematical operations in manipulative forms.  Precise language and multi-sensory instruction is given at every step along the way.